Single Bets

Single Bets  Well of course a single bet isn’t a multiple bet or an accumulator of any kind, in fact it’s the very opposite. However for the sake of completeness of covering every type of bet, this is ground that we have to cover. In many ways, a single bet of course is the least complicated and most straightforward type of bet of them all. There is no ambiguity. The up side is that if your bet comes in – essentially your estimation that a single event will happen – then you are a winner. If it doesn’t, you lose.

Profiting  from single bets can be easier said than done depending on the odds of your selection and whether it is over or under priced. A single bet can be a bet that is sometimes heavily odds on. Say 1-20, meaning that you’d need to bet £20 to see a £1 return should your selection win . Hardly something that would lead you to be laughing all the way to the bank.

Let’s not underestimate single bets though. There have been huge odds single bets that have come in over the years. Many of them occur ‘in running’ / ‘in play, on Betfair for instance where a punter decides in that particular moment that something simply can’t happen, and as a result sometimes offers huge odds in the hope of making a few pounds in the process. Of course mostly they will be right, but on rare occasion they’ll get it wrong and off goes their cash, just like that.

Even in recent times, and with bookmakers rather than fellow punters, there have been huge priced offerings that more often than not people have shied away from. How can we forget the fact that Leicester City were a gigantic 5000-1 to win the Premier League at the start of the 2015 / 16 season? A single bet, no complicated configuration of results needs. No doubles, no trebles, no four or five fold. What an opportunity to cash in that was, only very few punter did, even Leicester City fans! A tenner bet to win £50,000 cold hard cash! It’s important in betting to take opportunities when you see them, though to be fair, who couldn’t seen that one coming. Who knows when the next 5000-1 winner will come along. Keep those eyes peeled!