Trebles  Previously we gave an overview of doubles bets. We explained how multiples can add a bit of excitement to your betting due to significantly bumping up odds and in turn the potential payout. This is even more of a factor with trebles, where achieving three winning selections can see you gaining a return that would otherwise be all but impossible for the average punter, even with a fairly significant single bet.

Trebles are an attractive proposition for many. They are a somewhat more daring proposition than opting for a double, but at the same time, we’re not talking about entering the ‘once in a blue moon’ territory of accumulators, where four or more results need to go your way for you to win. You can do a treble as a bit of a punt, or if you’re confident of your selections, be hopeful that you haven’t got your head in the clouds if you believe you’re in with a chance of winning a nice wedge with your bet.

With treble bets, much like doubles, each bet rolls into the next, so you’re progressively lumping more on the next part of the bet. Of course this comes with the risk that a selection will lose and as such the entire treble will be a losing bet. It brings with it the chance of higher returns though of course. Let’s show the potential returns with a £10 football treble:

Manchester United to win 2-1 (£20 win + £10 = £30 on next bet)
Norwich to win 4-1 (£120 win + £30 = £150 on next bet)
Aston Villa to win 3-1 (£450 win + £150 = £600 – £10 = £590 win)


As you can see, based on a modest £10 bet you can see substantial returns. Granted you’re not going to be seeing them coming in week on week, so it can be something of a waiting game, but based on the outlay trebles can be quite an exciting bet to follow.