On The Ball with an 18-Fold Accumulator

On The Ball with an 18-Fold Accumulator A lucky / skilful punter has overcome staggering odds by correctly predicting 3 goals or more in 18 separate European football games spanning over a two week period. The now considerably wealthier individual placed a meager ten pounds on this unlikely bet and must have been on the edge of his seat while watching the final game of his accumulator between Austria Wien and AC Milan, which was effectively an all or nothing outcome for him. The finger of fortune continued to point in the right direction though and the game ended up being something of a goalfest (Austria Wien 1 – Milan 5). The list of all of the punters bets brings home just how unlikely this series of events was:

Man City 5 Liverpool 0

Leicester 1 Chelsea 2

Stoke 2 Man Utd 2

Everton 0 Spurs 3

Juventus 3 Chievo 0

Lazio 4 Milan 1

Barcelona 3 Juventus 0

Celtic 0 PSG 5

Chelsea 6 Qarabag 0

Man Utd 3 Basel 0

Feyenoord 0 Man City 4

Liverpool 2 Sevilla 2

Real Madrid 3 APOEL 0

Shakhtar 2 Napoli 1

Spurs 3 Dortmund 1

Bayern Munich 3 Anderlecht 0

Bologna 0 Napoli 3

Austria Wien 1 Milan 5

I place a fair few bets at sport.netbet.co.uk and this guy’s luck has spurred me on! As is to be expected, there were one or two close calls, including a 90th minute goal in the Bayern Munich match. It must have been real edge of your seat stuff for the lucky winner. In a further stroke of good luck (because clearly this person is in need of more luck!!), he decided to opt for an ‘odds boost’ feature and so instead of winning almost £60,000 his eventual winnings were £80,908. Talk about not being able to put a foot wrong. Someone is certainly smiling down upon this fellow!


Betting Advice To Make Your Life Easier

So many sports enthusiasts are already betting and making money off it. But when a person reaches out to the bookmaker for the first time, they find themselves in a world of obscure numbers, abbreviations, and scary designations. But we will help you figure out how to start betting on sports and not lose the entire bank at once.

Making money off doing what we all love the most – that is having fun – is a too tempting idea to resist, huh? The whole online casino NZ niche has been studied and explored for you by a wonderful service called Online Casino Guide. Visit this site to find which online gambling platforms will help you turn your desires into reality. The objective and unbiased reviews prepared by Online Casino Guide will let you know everything you need about each online casino. Thanks to them, you’ll be able to choose a gaming service so reliable and profitable that you won’t sabotage your life in any case.

Indeed, OCG will make you aware of, for instance, the important information about deposit methods, deposit methods, withdrawal methods, and withdrawal times each Internet gaming establishment will provide you with. Besides, the amount of the aspects they consider while analyzing the sites and apps is so huge that we just simply can’t put it all in one sentence. In addition, as they say, they make up the lists and ratings of gambling services “ranked according to user’s feedbacks, legality, safety, payout rates, payment options, availability, bonuses, trust, and real money pokies.”

So, here are the lists of the things we recommend that you think over before deciding on your next bet:

1. Make up your mind regarding your betting budget

You need to immediately decide how much you are willing to risk at the bookmaker. Do not exceed your limit no matter what. Forget about betting bank deposits or money from the sale of a car or apartment. Those who do this are the victims of gambling addiction – and we want you to have fun – not to lose everything you have. After that, as soon as you start understanding the niche, you can start raising your bets. This is exactly how you make it in making money off sports betting.

Betting Advice To Make Your Life Easier

2. Learn the terminology and rules of sports betting

Understanding the types of bets and the rules for calculating them is the main thing to do before registering on the site. Thankfully, the Internet is full of resources that can help you learn the terminology and varieties of bets. You will learn how to play at the bookmaker with the sports betting tutorial for beginners on YouTube. The rules of different bookmakers may vary, too – that’s why they should be carefully studied before making your first bet at a new platform you’ve chosen.

3. Choose a bookmaker

Each betting company is pleased with a new client. However, you should not rush into making a choice. Offices differ in such parameters as:

  • the value of the coefficients;

  • the selection of sports, tournaments, and events;

  • the bet selection;

  • the payment and withdrawal methods available;

  • legality and accessibility of their services for your country;

  • site convenience and customer support

  • bonuses, loyalty systems, and so on.

Writing it out separately, in order to emphasize this aspect, we would highlight reliability.

Different ratings of bookmakers will help you, as well. Make sure that you only play with those services who have a reputation to show off for it!

Gambling industry platforms always have to be analyzed prior to embarking on working with them. Online Casino Guide will help you be sure that you can actually make money instead

Betting Advice To Make Your Life Easier

To conclude

Follow our advice in order to get the most out of your betting experience!