Trixie  To the average person on the street ‘Trixie’ likely sounds like either a word that Golem from Lord of the Rings would utter at the edge of a volcano, or something that national treasure magician Paul Daniels would’ve shouted out during his hayday. However of course those who hang around betting offices a bit too often will be able to reliably inform you that a Trixie is in fact a type of bet.

For those still drawing a complete blank I’ll explain further. A trixie bet is that you cover every combination within that four fold bet (aside from single bets), so every win counts, aka you don’t need a clean sweet to see a return. Every  double, and the treble counts. It could be a good option if you feel that you are ‘in the know’ or ‘quietly confident’ of the majority of your bets but at the same time are making room for the unknowable.

So, in short it’s something of a safety cushion when compare to a straight treble which is literally all or nothing. There’s no right or wrong with the type of bet you choose of course, but if you deduce that a trixie is the right bet for you, as long as you’re in the ballpark and haven’t gone for a bunch of odds-ons shots, you could in line for a tidy return even if you don’t get three wins out of three. Most bookies offer trixies.