Patent  I’ve never actually caught up with someone in the bookies and asked them what they’re planning on betting on, only for them to grab my arm and say “I really have to get this patent on, right now!”. From that I can perhaps deduce that it’s not a bet that the average punter does on a day to day basis. However, it’s of course an option and where you have three selections that you’re ‘reasonably’ confident of, it’s certainly not a bad option to go for.

Essentially a patent involves picking three bets, but unlike a treble, it’s a combination / multiple bet. So not only are you betting on the treble, but also every other combination (namely three single bets and three doubles). This way if you’re ‘almost’ right you might well make a few quid via some a few of the individual bets coming up and if all three of the selections win you’re in line for a very nice win indeed. Patents are a nice bet for those who like the idea of a big win, but aren’t necessarily going ‘all in’ with it. If you like a few pounds back as a result of being ‘thereabouts’, a patent might well be the bet for you!