Goliath  The Goliath multiple bet falls firmly into the ‘last but not least’ category of bet types. There’s nothing about it that’s inferior in any way to any other bet, but it just so happens that 1) It’s the last type of multiple bet I’m writing about and 2) No-one in my whole life has ever come up to me and said “I’ve just put a Goliath on, mate. Wish me luck!!”. Despite that fact it’s a valid option that’s out there and out of all available options it’s “the outer limit” of bets (in terms of the combination of selections, not meant in a non twilight zone way – though if paranormal forces want to help me with my wagers then be my guest).

A goliath bet consists of a somewhat overwhelming 247 bets from 8 selections, so your bets are spread over many more outcomes than in the case of a direct 8-fold accca. Within a goliath bet there are 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and 1 eight-fold. Unless Stephen Hawking happens to be wheeling towards you at the time, should your luck be in, it might still take you a good while to figure out what or if you’ve actually won! In any case, a win’s a win and if you’re going the goliath route, the best of luck to you!