Super Heinz

Super Heinz  For when one can of beans isn’t enough, we have super heinz! Or perhaps this is a typo  relating to Super Hans from Peep Show? Okay, excuse my bad jokes, but I have to liven up talking about multiple bet types here somehow don’t I? Alright, enough with the question marks. In short Super Heinz bets consist of an almost mind boggling 120 bets based on 7 initial selections. To break it down we have 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds and 1 seven-fold.

Of course with this number of bets on the go, unless you have a statistician waiting in the wings it might take you a bit to figure out how much you’ve won or lost. Still, broadly speaking you could perhaps gleam a general idea based on how many winners you had out of the seven. Your bet is spread pretty thinly with a super heinz as opposed to with a straight seven fold bet, but as usual it’s horses for courses and there’s no strict right or wrong as such. If you go for a straight seven fold acca it’s potentially ‘pie in the sky’ territory, whereas if a Super Heinz is the order off the day your bet is very variable indeed, but at the very least with so many variations invested in, you’ll need a good few wins to make a tidy profit.