$18 Kentucky Derby Bet Wins Woman $1.2million

$18 Kentucky Derby Bet Wins Woman $1.2million  It’s not every day you see an accumulator bet win over a million. That’s whether it’s a million pounds, a million dollars, a million anything! It’s just so difficult to both rack up odds high enough to achieve this feat, combined with flawless results and a big enough stake to get over the million mark.

A woman from Austin Texas did just that at the prestigious Kentucky Derby just days ago. The woman, Margaret Reid, made a Pick 5 wager at the Retama Park racecourse in Texas and watched, no doubt stunned, as each and every one of her selections won at the Churchill Downs racecourse in Louisville, Kentucky, over a thousand miles away.


The woman had amazingly chosen a winner in each of the four races prior to the Derby, as well as the Derby winner himself – Justify. So from the 8th race onwards, she experienced the lucky / skillful run to end all lucky runs, culminating in a huge 1.2million win from just a small $18 bet. The selections and odds she bet at are as follows:

Limousine Liberal – Churchill Downs Stakes – 4/1

Maraud – American Turf Stakes – 8/1

Funny Duck – Pat Day Mile –  39/1

Yoshida – Old Forester Turf Classic – 9/1

Justify – Kentucky Derby – 3/1


The odds of Funny Duck definitely helped the accumulator a great deal and it was a brave selection considering how unfavoured it was. It’s crazy that all five came up, so we can safety conclude that she’s a time traveller.