Ref (partially) blows it for Lucky 15 Punter

We’ve covered numerous rags to riches type accumulators on here, so it’s high time for a near miss to offer up a bit of perspective! A gambler in January 2013 was denied a mind boggling £500,000 win based on one decision by football referee Kevin Friend (it’s safe to assume he’s not going to be the ‘friend’ of the guy who placed the bet anytime soon!).

Ref (partially) blows it for Lucky 15 Punter

In a cruel and unlikely twist of fate, Friend blew to end the game one second before the ball rolled over the line, ending the match Leeds United 2 Tottenham 1. The Oldham man had need the result Leeds 3 Tottenham 1 to get his accumulator made of somewhat unlikely scores up. This was the only result of the bunch that fell short. The punter had placed a 20p lucky 15 multiple bet with a total stake of £3:

Ref (partially) blows it for Lucky 15 Punter

The Lucky 15 bet: Brentford 2 Chelsea 2 (18-1), Leeds 3 Tottenham 1 (25-1), Oldham 3 Liverpool 2 (80-1), St Mirren 3 Celtic 2 (50-1)


Several Leeds players protested the whistle being brown on what was 100% certain to be a goal, but to no avail. The £3 bet would’ve resulted in a payout of £506,562 for the punter. The only saving grace is that, as the man placed a Lucky 15 bet, he did pocket £17,055.80 which is certainly a decent chunk of money. Still, it’s mixed fortunes to say the least considering that by rights he should’ve walked away with a cool half a million pounds. A Ladbrokes representative said of the bet: ‘The referee has ruined our punter’s dream.”. He sounds more distaught than the punter!

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If you’re looking for more upbeat accumulators, check out our accas page for a bit of inspiration (the big accumulator bets wins link)!



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