Betting Each-way Trebles

Who doesn’t like the thought of betting a few pound and winning a lot of money?

I don’t think many punters would say: ‘No, I don’t.’

Multi bets or accumulators are often associated with mug punters. A definition of that phrase would be someone who has little to no hope of winning. A perennial loser.

A treble (which consists of three horse selections) is a bet which bookmakers freely accept. In an age where you may struggle to bet £100 single (one selection) you can place an each-way treble which could pay £20,000 and it goes unnoticed. This is a factor punters should consider as it is a realistic chance to making their betting pay.

It should be noted that just 2% of gamblers make their betting pay. The difference between one and another is based on their level of skill.

The trouble with most punters betting mutli bets or accumulators is that they push things to ridiculous levels. By that I mean many bets are near impossible to win. For example, a Canadian which consists of five selections and a total of 26 bets. If one horse loses, it costs the punter 15 bets, so just one horse literally costs 57% of the bet. No wonder bookmakers love this type of bet because they need one loser to smash your bet (and hopes of winning). Percentage wise, it is unlikely you will have more than a couple of winning selections.

For this reason, I would advise betting an each-way treble.

The beauty of an each-way treble is that you are simply betting on three horse selections which covers the win and place. For example, if you bet three horses priced 4/1 for a £1 win stake you will achieve odds of 125/1 (win odds of 124/1, minus your £1 stake). If all three horses are placed, you will win almost 5/1. If you place a £1 each-way bet at odds of 4/1 on three winning selections you would have a total win of £128.83 (for a £2 stake).

The good side of this bet is that you only need each horse to be placed to show a profitable return.

How to maximise your best chance of winning.

The key to winning is to make sure your selections are of the highest level. The mistake of most punters make is that they use such bets as an excuse to take a chance. This is a big problem. In truth, you shouldn’t use these bets for anything other than strong selections. To do this you need a high level of skill. There is no other option. If you don’t understand the positives and negatives of gambling you probably shouldn’t be betting at all.

If you are looking for a bet that may win you a significant amount of money then the each-way treble is a worthy bet type.

Always bet responsibly.