Cheltenham Festival Bankers

Did you know that Gloucestershire makes over £100,000,000 every year directly as a result of the Cheltenham Festival? Did you also know that The Jockey club has spent close to the same figure over the last 30 years on the facilities at Cheltenham Race Course? Both of these obviously stick out as astounding amounts of money and proves that The Festival is the only race that you NEED to be at.


With all of this money flying around seemingly making Cheltenham the best race festival in the world what you need to concern yourself with, other than having a great time, is coming home with some of that money. Cheltenham betting isn’t as straightforward as other race meets throughout the year though and it’s often the case that the form book goes out of the window and many winners over the course of the 4 days are quite a surprise. With this in mind we decided to make a list of the horses and their odds where your money would seemingly be safest. Some of these horses look like they just can’t lose so you’d be silly to give them a miss:



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